Our mission is to help your brand become the best friend of your target audience by creating a common language that will make it a loyal customer.

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The most effective and smart way to build a marketing funnel for your brand that will turn surfers into sales

We at Black Belt Marketing work with full transparency and a deep partnership with our customers because your success is our success. We will share with you the deep knowledge we have in digital marketing and advertising to maximize the potential of your business and reach new places that you have always dreamed of.

Making your product an experience

Customers do not buy products, but an experience. This is why Coca-Cola uses the slogan "Taste of Life", EL AL in "The most at home in the world" and this is exactly what our brand also does to produce differentiation from the competition.

Build a marketing spike for your brand

Your product is a story to be told to your potential customers and the way to tell it starts with the need for your brand to meet the customer. Candy does not interest you but once it comes time to refresh your mouth, Mentos will be your first choice.

Choosing the right language and tone for your brand

Digital media has broken the glass screen and today we can “talk” to different brands on social media networks. Experience your product to meet the customer wherever he is and talk to him at eye level while creating significant value.

Optimization of digital strategy

Times change and with them customers, so we must be careful to keep our finger on the pulse and change the digital strategy according to current times and the mood of your customers.

Creating a creative concept

Once we have chosen the right digital strategy, it is time to turn it into a creative that will tell your brand story to the relevant audience with lightness and wit while making sure to provide true added value.

Preparing a media strategy

A true digital strategy is measured by its ability to adapt the story to different media. Despite the strong desire to "be everywhere", properly managing your digital assets and marketing them in the relevant media will save you a lot of time and quite a bit of money.

Digital strategy in the new media age

The internet is full of new and innovative ideas that require us to keep our finger on the pulse. Only then can we build your site according to the hottestModern life is fast and updated on an hourly basis so we must be dynamic and know in depth the target audience to wait for it with a true and sharp creative story that will leave your brand in the minds of your customers.

What makes up a winning digital strategy?

In one word customers. In two words sales floor. When we build a digital strategy, we base it on market research, survey competitors and set out to meet your customers. By their feedbacks, we will know how to polish and even change the digital strategy to meet the need of your customers as it comes from them.